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Two boxing gloves, one blue and one red, colliding in front of a stylized american flag, symbolizing political conflict or debate.
2020 Part Deux 

Let’s examine this year’s upcoming election’s potential US market impact and political risks.

A man getting hit with a heavy metal ball representing debt.
Consumer Debt Fears

US consumer spending is strong, but the media and the New York Federal Reserve worry that inflation means spending strength is an illusion driven by reckless credit card spending.

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Navigating 2024

Volatility cut both ways in 2023, lifting global equities to new highs. Volatility will likely stick around in 2024 but won’t impede positive returns.

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The Grinch of Christmas—Personal Saving Rates

In its pervasive wisdom and insight, the Government won’t let you save money (in their economic reports) no matter what you do.

Keep Calm and Look Ahead

With the timing of the bull market return uncertain, historical data suggests positive trends in November and December.

Q2 Stock Market Recap
Q2 Stock Market Recap

US and Global stock market growth was nicely positive in the first half of 2023 but sentiment and economic data remain muddled—what does that mean for investors?

Bullish but Not Pollyanna
Bullish but Not Pollyanna

The US stock market is officially in a new bull market but look past widely discussed news to try and uncover possible lurking negative issues.

Debt Ceiling Letdown
Debt Ceiling Letdown

The recent debt ceiling debate proves that a widely discussed fear of a false factor is a positive for capital markets.

US Social Security
US Social Security Fears

Are you tired of hearing about the debt ceiling in the news? Well, get ready for Social Security.

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